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Debt Settlement


(Negotiated by a law firm) May offer you some of these benefits:

  • Creditors may reduce your debt balances
  • Negotiated by an experienced LAW FIRM*
  • Alternative to BANKRUPTCY
  • Program can be completed in 12-36 months*
  • Become financially independent and live a healthier lifestyle*


With this program, Creditors may reduce your Total Debt balances. Find out how much you can save!*

We work with various independent Law Firms from around the country who offer Debt Negotiation and Debt Settlement Programs. Christian Debt Counselors can help review your situation and help you find a light at the end of the tunnel!
Debt settlement

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Christian Debt Counselors works with several different Nation Wide Attorney Networks who offer Debt Settlement programs to clients where they have an Attorney present in. Currently this is offered in most states. Christian Debt Counselors does not charge the client for this Debt Settlement consultation. We instead review the client’s specific financial situation to qualify them and refer the client to the Attorney Network to handle the case. They can normally charge a smaller retainer fee then a regular Non-Attorney based company as they deal with clients in much larger volumes.

Debt settlement is a proven way of reducing your unsecured debts and providing relief of un-payable bills due to a financial hardship. Debt arbitrators will negotiate with your creditors, on your behalf, to reduce your overall debt and help you with an alternative to bankruptcy.*

Credit card debt settlement is a legitimate and legal way of solving your debt related problems without the need for bankruptcy. This is accomplished by negotiating approved payoff amounts with your creditors. Our Debt Settlement service provider involves a solid understanding of the laws governing the Debt and Credit Industry. They use non-confrontational methods to arbitrate settlements on your behalf and save you money.

Debt settlement involves negotiating with a creditor or creditors to pay off a percentage of your total debts at an agreed upon settlement amount. In order to fully understand and appreciate the process that takes place between debt settlement companies and credit collection agencies, consider the following: Creditors know that roughly 30% of the 1.5 million bankruptcies that occurred last year were on debt that was reasonably current. Traditionally, people survive by borrowing from one creditor to pay another. However, this process eventually fails when consumers run out of available credit lines and find themselves unable to make their minimum monthly payments.

If a consumer files for bankruptcy, it is very likely that the creditor will receive little to nothing of the balance that is owed to them. Therefore, in many scenarios a creditor is better off negotiating a debt settlement arrangement as a mutually agreeable alternative. We work with customers that have legitimate financial problems, and who may honestly need some outside assistance to help solve their financial problems.