If you have found yourself in a situation where it is difficult to make the minimum monthly payment on an unsecured loan or credit card, there is help available. Debt consolidation is an option that can help you combine all of your payments into one monthly payment. This payment often comes at a lower interest rate. This means that you get the convenience of one payment while sometimes paying less each month, which can help you pay down your debts quicker and more efficiently.

Options for Debt Consolidation

The options that may be available to you to consolidate your debt depend on your credit score and the amount of debt that you currently have. Consolidating credit card debt may be as easy as transferring your balances to a new card with a lower interest rate, however opening another credit card may be harmful to your credit, or your credit may already have taken a hit – meaning you may not be able to open up another credit card account. Most financial advisers would not recommend this approach. So what is the best option for most people for debt consolidation? The answer is to work with a debt consolidation company that can work with your creditors.

Why Choose a Christian Debt Consolidation Company?

Professionals who work for companies that specialize in debt consolidation have relationships with many top lenders. This gives them the leverage that they need to consolidate your debt, lower your monthly payment and get out of debt fast. In some cases, they may even be able to convince some or all of your creditors to forgive a portion of your debt. However, it should be stressed that the best reason to consolidate is to obtain a lower interest rate on your debt balance. By choosing a Christian debt consolidation company, you can rest assured that your private financial matters stay exactly
that way – private. You can trust us to take care of your personal finances as we would our own.

Another reason to work with a consolidation service is that it may be willing to act as a liaison between yourself and your creditors. This means that you won’t have to answer harassing phone calls or respond to letters inquiring about your debt. Prior to reaching a consolidation agreement, a professional can contact your creditors for you to inquire about your consolidation options. This allows you to focus more on getting your finances back in line and less about screening your phone calls.

If you are struggling with debt that is getting out of control, give Christian Debt Counselors a call or apply online for debt consolidation. We can help to protect and even sometimes improve your credit while we assist you in reducing your debt.

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