Life is expensive. From daily expenses like food, housing, and transportation to emergencies like surgery or medical treatments, your expenses can really add up – especially in California.

According to USA Today, California has the 6th highest cost of living in the United States as a whole while San Francisco is the 3rd most expensive city to live in all of the US. While there are plenty of tech startups, celebrities, and other high-profile and high-paying careers in the state, not everyone makes the recommended 6-figures to live comfortably in California. Naturally, this has led California to have the 4th highest average credit card debt in the country, meaning that a staggering number of people are struggling to make ends meet in the Golden State.

If you find yourself struggling to keep up with credit card payments, you have options. Keep reading to learn if debt consolidation in California can help you get off the debt treadmill for good.

What Is Debt Consolidation?

Once you fall into debt, it can seem impossible to get out. Whether a medical emergency set you back a few months or years, or you simply lost track of your finances for a while, it doesn’t feel good to owe money. Not only is it a struggle to find ways to pay off your debt, but the stigma of being in debt can lead to depression and feeling alone. But you’re not alone – nearly 80% of Americans have some debt to their name, and millions have come gone completely “rags to riches” by managing their debt correctly. You can too with debt consolidation services.

Debt consolidation involves taking an accounting of all your income, expenses, and existing debts to create a plan for getting back into the black. Budgeting problems are one of the leading causes of debt, so the first step of the process is to create a realistic budget that you can follow each month. With the help of expert debt management help, you’ll likely be able to maintain much of your current lifestyle while still ensuring that you have money to put towards your debts each month.

Once you’ve got a financial plan, debt consolidation loans can really begin to work for you. If you’ve got multiple debtors calling you looking for their money, it can be overwhelming to keep up with. By getting a debt consolidation loans California, you’re able to pay off outstanding debts from your current debtors with a loan from the debt consolidation company. This allows you to avoid expensive fees with certain creditors while organizing all of your debt into a single account and single payment each month. This makes it much easier to keep track of, and the debt consolidation loan is likely to have a much more forgiving rate than the individual balances offered.

Debt consolidation loans California can also allow you to reduce the balances you owe, lower the interest rate, or set up a payment plan. This way you can save more and get out of debt faster without crashing your credit.

Free Yourself from Debt with Christian Debt Counselors

Christian Debt Counselors offers debt settlement and debt consolidation in California to help individuals get back on track to financial freedom. With over a decade of experience working in California, they know the unique situation that living in the Golden State can lead to. Whether through debt consolidation loans or debt settlement, they will help you to get your budget on track, reduce the money you owe, and protect your credit from the threat of bankruptcy.

When it comes to your finances, you should only put your faith in the best. Get a Christian perspective on debt management by contacting them today.

Debt Management with a Christian Perspective

Christian Debt Counselors understands that not every situation is the same, which is why we are here to help you choose the right program for you. We pride ourselves on being a faith based organization where confidentiality is key. Call now and find out how we can help.

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