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Debt Consolidation

This type of Program may offer you some of these benefits:

  • Stop collection calls
  • Reduce or eliminate interest rates*
  • Will not affect your 3 digit FICO credit score as long as you remain current*
  • Administered by a NON-PROFIT service provider*
  • Consolidate all of your unsecured debts into one monthly payment


This type of program is administered by a Debt Management Service Provider who has over 30 years of experience in the Debt Management and Financial Literacy field.


Debt Consolidation is a commonly used term to describe different debt repayment plans that will allow you to combine your monthly payments into one payment that is affordable for you. These are usually offered with lower interest rates, and reduced monthly fees to allow you to pay more on the principle each month rather then so much in interest and fees.

Credit Counseling, Debt Management Plan, and Debt Consolidation are common names for this type of program. There essentially all the same program which is many times through a Non-Profit Service Provider and pays your creditors an agreed upon, reduced monthly payment.

There are really only TWO major options when people are looking to get out of debt…Debt Consolidation or Debt Settlement.

So which program is the best option for you?

In order to figure out which plan is best you, it will really depend on your overall financial situation. Such as what kind of debt you have, how much debt you have, if you have a financial hardship and your ability to repay the debt you owe to the creditors. When you contact us, we will help explain all your options to you so you can make the most informed decision on how to get out of debt. You can learn more about Debt Settlement.

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In the Debt Consolidation Program we are able to help clients with Credit Card Debt, Personal Unsecured Loans, past due medical bills, and Collection accounts. In some cases even past due IRS Debt can be included. This program is basically for anything besides your house or car that is considered unsecured without a title or deed.

Originally, Debt Consolidation programs were developed by the creditors in order to help their customers work through difficult times repaying their debts. Otherwise consumers paying high interest on there own may be stuck paying for the next 30-40 years on credit cards with out any help. In this program you will be making one monthly payment each month that is disbursed to your creditors on time in the amounts they’ve agreed to accept. The Debt Consolidation program will not hurt your credit score rating. If your credit score rating is good it will stay good, if it is not, this program should help rebuild your credit, so you will no longer be considered a risk, but a good paying customer. There is no credit check done, this is not a loan.

All your unsecured debt can be put into one monthly payment that will fit in to your budget. As long as we work within the creditors’ established guidelines for people that are in need of counseling, we can extend these many benefits to you. In the Debt Consolidation program some creditors will eliminate interest charges and those that do not, usually will reduce your interest rate to as little as 6%-9% until the debt is paid off.

If you are struggling to afford your monthly payments, and have a desire to become Debt Free, then you qualify. The banks qualify for tax credits from the government when they cooperate through these programs. In return we are able to get drastic relief on your monthly payments, sometimes reduced up to 50%!

It doesn’t matter what your financial situation is, everyone can benefit from getting help on paying off these debts quicker. Avoid bankruptcy, stop harassing creditor calls, and get help from one of our trained Professional Credit Counselors. Improve your credit score rating and get on track to become Debt Free!. We will work with you to develop a realistic program that fits your budget and that will give you a light at the end of the tunnel!