The last thing God ever wanted was for us to be weighed down with the anxiety and burden that comes from financial debt. In this day and age, though, sometimes it seems inescapable. Sleepless nights, worries about what would happen if an emergency popped up—none of this is what God wants for you or for your resources. This is where Christian debt management can change your life, and turn your financial situation into one that glorifies Him and allows you to breathe easier in this life.

What Financial Bondage Looks Like

It’s a scary feeling—always thinking you’re one step away from a financial catastrophe and wondering how you’d recover. If you find yourself in the proverbial ‘robbing Peter to pay Paul’ scenario, you most likely have anxiety about how you’ll ever dig yourself out of debt and be the abundant givers God made us to be.

When you’re tied to debt in loans and credit cards, you lose the freedom to live and give how you choose, and that’s not what God wants with your resources. Turning to licensed Christian debt management specialists will help you get out of debt and restore financial freedom while you follow God’s plan for your finances. Christian Debt Counselors wants to help you break free from that bondage you feel to money every day, but with a Christian perspective.

Why Christian Debt Management Is Different

Sure—there are lots of companies out there looking to ‘help’ you manage your debt and finances, but not all do so with a Christian viewpoint. A faith-based organization looks to help free you from debt so you can follow what God wants for you and your life, and does so following sound Biblical principles and paths.

Christian Debt Counselors are concerned not only on the end-goal of financial freedom, but your spiritual well-being and emotional health in the process. They know that for the Christ-follower, debt often precludes them from tithing or giving to ministries they want to help, and they understand the value in helping you achieve your financial goals with support and solid planning.

Why Does Getting Out Of Debt Matter?

It’s not unusual for the average American to have debt. According to information from the U.S. Census Bureau and Federal Reserve, an average American household has about $16,425 in credit card debt. This is at least 10% more than the average debt in 2013, and as a nation, we owe almost $1 trillion in credit card debt. When you figure the average interest rate of that debt is nearly 19%, you’re looking at quite a bit of money you are literally giving away in interest—up to $1500 a year!

This adds tension and anxiety wondering how to pay bills, but more, it can hinder your relationship with Christ. When we’re tied to the bondage of debt, we’re less able to be financially free in serving Him, and as Christians, that can cause anxiety as well. Being financially sound matters because it shows we recognize it all comes from God and we use His resources for His work. It matters to you and to Him.

What Does Christian Debt Management Look Like?

When you contact Christian Debt Counselors, licensed professionals will work with your individual situation to create the best plan for financial freedom for you. No family’s finances are the same, and no debt management plan can be the same. Christian Debt Counselors work closely with you to make sure your priorities of good stewardship and financial freedom are attainable and sustainable once you’ve resolved your debt. They’ll analyze your liabilities and work with you to budget pay-offs that will lead you to debt-free living.

Imagine being able to tip generously or give freely when ministry opportunities come up. Or simply just not worry about what happens if an emergency pops up. Working with Christian Debt Counselors will not only make that reality, they’ll be side by side with you as you not only learn God’s Biblical principles of finances, but you put them into practice.

 What Will Christian Debt Management Ask Of You?

The first step of any debt management program is the acceptance that there is a problem with your debt and you want to fix it. Its imperative you wish to change your finances and your financial habits, and you’re willing to make changes in your life to do so. Realizing you no longer want the anxiety of the chains that debt hold on you, you’ll be asked to be honest with your counselors and commit to making the changes your Christian Debt counselors will ask of you to eliminate your debt. Committing your finances to God, and relying on Biblical financial principles will help you break free of the debt, and allow you to grow in your relationship with Him.

Are You Ready For Financial Freedom?

It seems like a silly question maybe, but it’s not. Every day, people have the opportunity to turn to Biblically-based debt management programs to give them financial freedom and still, they toil in their anxiety and worry. You don’t have to, and Christian Debt Counselors are waiting to help you change your finances and your life—all while following God’s plan for your resources.

When you’re debt-free, you’re able to be content in your relationship with Him and His provisions for you. Philippians 4:11-12 says, “I have learned to be content in whatever circumstances I am.” If you too are looking for that contentment, take steps to become debt-free and in doing so, find contentment in Him.


Debt Management with a Christian Perspective

Christian Debt Counselors understands that not every situation is the same, which is why we are here to help you choose the right program for you. We pride ourselves on being a faith based organization where confidentiality is key. Call now and find out how we can help.

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