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Christian Debt Counselors various Service Providers offer some of the following: Debt Consolidation programs, Debt Settlement programs, Credit Counseling Programs, FDCPA Violation Reviews, Bankruptcy Consultations, Non-Profit Debt Management, and Financial Literacy programs.

Christian Debt Counselors works with well respected Nation Wide Attorney Networks. These networks offer Debt Relief assistance to consumers where they have an Attorney present in. Currently this service is offered in most states. Christian Debt Counselors does not charge the client for this particular consultation. Instead we review the client’s financial situation to qualify them and if qualified, we refer the client over for the Attorney Network to handle the case.

Christian Debt Counselors Service Providers consolidate your debts without the need for you to obtain a loan. All your unsecured debt can be put into one monthly payment that will fit in to your budget. Your monthly obligations can be reduced by up to half or more in many cases!

Originally, Credit Counseling programs were developed by the creditors in order to help their customers repay their debts even when experiencing difficult times. As long as we work within the creditors’ established guidelines for people that are in need of counseling, we can extend these many benefits to you. In some program’s creditors will eliminate interest charges and those that do not, usually will reduce your interest rate to as little as 6%-9% and in some hardship cases even 0% until the debt is paid off.

In most cases, the creditor will bring your account current and waive penalties and late fees. Since you will be making on time monthly payments, the Credit Counseling program will not hurt your credit score rating. If your credit score rating is good, it will not be lowered through a credit counseling program. If your credit score is on the lower side, this program will help rebuild your credit, so you will no longer be considered a risk, but rather a good paying customer.

A trained Professional Credit Counselor will review your debts, payments and budget history. Your accounts will be set up according to the guidelines of the creditors for people who are in credit counseling. If it is on time each month, your account will reflect those on time monthly payments and your account will be maintained in good standing until all your debts are satisfied.

One of our many different Debt Management plans can help just about anyone. It is a win-win situation for both you and the credit companies. Your creditors win because they save money by eliminating the cost of collections, and in some cases a total loss if bankruptcy is declared. You win because you can start living without the financial pressures, annoying phone calls and burden of paying off your debt for decades. You can actually payoff the principal on your debt since your payments are not subjected to high interest rates and finance charges.

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